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Case Study

Bishop Allen: Lights Out

Depending on where you reside, the arrival of August signifies the stoppage time of summer. Nights slowly get shorter and that slight temperature drop you notice on a 2am bike ride home sticks with you. In summer’s defense, don’t let those fouls fool you — there’s plenty of time to play and adventures to be […]

Jamie Ho: Polaroids

In theory, regardless of subject matter, a good image is made by the careful consideration of line, composition and light combined with a little technical ability. But in practice, most contemporary photographers we consider talented are masters of just one of the three. Take Juergen Teller, for instance, who is indifferent to lighting and line, […]

Dirty Furniture

While design and its role in human society are immense, its general discourse has for far too long been two-sided and too narrow. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the assortment of titles that are ostensibly authorities on design. On the one hand, we have those that lionize and fetishize the culture of […]

Interview: Marianna Jamadi

Wanderlust isn’t a strong enough word to describe the energy that propels Marianna Jamadi on her journeys around the world. Wanderlust implies a want, a strong desire. The way Jamadi speaks about her global wanderings, it’s clear she moves out of pure necessity. After ditching her New York City job several years ago, the venturesome […]

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