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Travel: Escape from Coachella

Our friend Hillary Taymour is the mastermind behind Collina Strada, constant traveler, and consummate cool girl. She went to Coachella this year for her 8th (!) time and took a quick escape from the madness to some of the most ethereal and mystical parts of California. For all of you brave souls out there heading to […]

Style Icon: Rufio

As far as Hollywood movies go, 1991 had some real significance. Major titles like Beauty and the Beast, The Addams Family, Boyz N The Hood, Point Break, City Slickers, Fried Green Tomatoes and the return of Schwarzenegger as the protagonist in Terminator 2, were all on our watch list. Hollywood rang in the 90′s with ticket […]

An Ode to Climbing in Mallorca

How does a blog post about climbing in the Spanish island of Mallorca relate to a men’s and women’s clothing store? It doesn’t. Which is why we’re excited to post it. Believe it or not, we’ve written on climbing in the past. It’s one of those activities (if you will) that we’re pretty fond of. […]

The Minimalist’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here, seemingly in earnest, with no pending snow storms on the horizon (at least where we’re sitting.) It’s one of our favorite seasons, heralding all sorts of fresh starts and newness: new blooms, new shoes, new opportunities. We couldn’t think of a better time to talk to our favorite professional organizer, Kristen […]

A taste is Brit cool in our #brickandmortar. #KingKrule #FredPerry
Forget Coachella, it's all about Joshua Tree. On the blog Hillary of @collinastrada shares her escape from #Coachella itinerary today.
You got the white stuff baby. #newshoes #birkenstocks #martiniano #alpha60 #spring #sandals
Human Being Journal // Issue 4. Soon. #hbjournal

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