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Mimicking Birds: Eons

We first heard about Mimicking Birds while skimming through NPR’s All Song’s Considered. Their track, Bloodlines, stood out like an M&M in a pile of mixed nuts and we were happy to keep listening. Bloodlines, which can be found on the band’s second studio album, brings together the mood and tempo of The National with vocals […]

Eat Here: Sweedeedee

Even before a move to Portland I had heard buzz about Sweedeedee, a humble little joint on Albina that whips up amazing pies and hugs in the form of home made corn cakes and oven-baked bacon. Walking into the unassuming dwelling tucked away in cozy North Portland, one is welcomed by the quaint sounds of a record player. At […]

Interview: Karin Kellner

Multicultural illustrator Karin Kellner works mostly the old-fashioned way, wrestling valiantly with watercolor and India ink. She works across design, food and fashion and her signature style is heavy on effervescent tones and devoid of extraneous detail, making for works that straddle a magical line between rigorous and wistful. Her portraiture is breathtaking, especially on paper, and she’s […]

One Hundred Poems from the Chinese

In 1927, Kenneth Rexroth moved to San Francisco. An esteemed poet, essayist, translator, ex-communist, IWW anarchist, pacifist, and high school drop out, he was nothing if not eclectic. With markedly radical world view and an unstoppable body of writing which touched upon everything from jazz to ancient Chinese science to California mountaineering, medieval mysticism, erotic poetry […]

way better than one of those monday morning raves.
karin kellner's delicious watercolors go well with brunch.
oh hey, friday. time for sippin' some scribe in the studio. @scribewinery
fall is in the air!

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poet, essayist, anarchist, pacifist, mountaineer, radical. kenneth rexroth was our kind of guy. #momentswithsunday http://t.co/nOXrRgB2ia

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