Five Books to Get You Through SAD Season

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Unless you live in Southern California or the Southern Hemisphere, there's a solid chance a lot of dreary, grey days still lie ahead on your new Stendig. Hope springs eternal, but the road to spring is paved with sweaters that you've been wearing for too many months already.

Still, if there is one sure-fire silver lining to the SAD season doldrums, it's that you'll have a lot more time for self-care and catching up on the quiet, contemplative activities that make for a better year. Here's our list of five worthwhile reads to brighten up, distract from, and otherwise help you make the most of your inside time.

1 The Future of Architecture Since 1889, Jean-Louis Cohen

Since you're stuck inside, it's a great time to think about what inside actually means. This sprawling, thoughtful book does a great job of making sense of over a century of architectural ideas to make sense of where its future lies. Tip for the real nerds out there: if you've read Kenneth Frampton's 1980 classic, Modern Architecture, you'll love Cohen's future-facing book.

Keep up the spatial thinking some excellent recent volumes from Phaidon's on Le Corbusier and Marcel Breuer.

2 Fäviken, Magnus Nilsson

Fäviken by Phaidon

It's cold out, but this Phaidon masterpiece will get you in the mood to strap on those galoshes and go foraging. This cookbook from the iconic Fäviken Magasinet restaurant in Sweden isn't for the novice chef, but there are plenty of healthy, vibrant and way-out-of-the-ordinary recipes for expanding the palette and working on your kitchen skills.

For an even broader reading from chef Magnus, check out his magnum opus, The Nordic Cookbook.

3 O'Keeffe, Britta Benke

O'Keeffe by Phaidon

This book is a solid primer on the Mother of Modernism, and a nice compliment to our Ghost Ranch editorial, a primer on the trend that will reverberate all around the fashion world this season and next.

This book is part of a series of Taschen monographs on essential artists, designers, and architects that are all worthwhile reads. And at $15 a pop, they're among the best coffee table book deals out there.

4 Ed Ruscha, Richard D. Marshall

Ed Ruscha by Phaidon

Ruscha's vibrant work is a welcome break from any grey day, but this particular volume is a tour de force best consumed when you're in the mood to contemplate deep things like what America means and the nature of consumerism. This volume covers everything in his career from painting to film, and is really the only Ruscha reference you'll ever need.

For more bold color, don't miss Phaidon's excellent Ettore Sottsass monograph. They say his vivid, super-Italian style might have a more visible impact on near-future product design than the current reigning design godfather, Dieter Rams. If this means we're in for a shift from uniform, monochrome forms to bright colors and organic shapes, the future looks bright!

5 Raf Simons, Terry Jones

Raf Simons by Taschen

Raf is reliably one of fashion's most innovative designers, and his work now spans generations, multiple houses and countless collaborations. It goes without saying that he's a giant in our studio and a frequent topic of conversation. This large volume, compiled and edited by i-D editor Terry Jones, is a fantastic large-scale look at Raf's career up to now.

For another fashion-centric read on another innovative brand we love, check out Self-Titled, a loving look into Our Legacy a decade after its founding.






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