Inside The Season: Ganni

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Ganni stays relevant by staying relevant: creative director Ditte Refstrup keeps the brand's reference points topical, and each collection is in some way a response to some energy out in the world at the moment.

This season is "Global Citizen," a timely and rather beautiful response to today's rampant nationalism and anti-immigration rhetoric. Ganni's trademark florals make appearances throughout the collection, and are complimented by whimsical, highly feminine pieces in materials like pinstripe seersucker and mohair knit.

We're very happy to have the collection in-store, having last seen it in Copenhagen on the Ana Kraš-designed runway set. We spoke to Ditte about "Global Citizen," its inspirations, palette and what she's currently wearing from the collection.

"In this moment of closed borders it’s important to think about new ways of living and working together, of overcoming our cultural differences."

Tell us about the seeds of inspiration behind "Global Citizen."
I was inspired to make a collection for the truly global citizen. I wanted to create clothes for a woman who loves to travel to new places and who has an independent spirit. It’s an upbeat collection, taking cues from 90s sportswear, rave, and the hugely important Benetton ads from the 90s that challenged prejudice and encouraged diversity. I also wanted to work with creatives from around the world, from Stockholm all the way to New York, for a collection that celebrates collaboration and the spirit of international exchange. I’m constantly travelling and constantly inspired by what I see on the streets of different cities around the world. In this moment of closed borders it’s important to think about new ways of living and working together, of overcoming our cultural differences. The Global Citizen represents the best of everywhere.”
Why is it an important theme for 2018?
It’s easy to get caught up in our own little lives and mental backyards, but we’re all part of something so much bigger than that. “Global Citizen” is a friendly reminder to open our eyes and get outside of the comfort zone.

Images via Vogue

Ganni's always had a way with textiles and prints. Tell us about a few of your favorites from the season and how they fit in with the collection.
I’m head over heels for all the floral dresses we did this season. They’re glamourous but also really easy to wear. A great dress, some sneakers and voilà! That’s my ideal for summer dressing.
And the palette? Those cornflower blues and pale yellows are gorgeous, and the creams and blacks work so well. Was there any specific inspiration behind these colors, or any symbolic reason they dominate the collection?
It’s a very upbeat collection that celebrates diversity with bright colours and a mix of materials and fabrics. So the colours represent our own little melting pot where anything is possible and good vibes surround us.
Tell us a little about the set you commissioned Ana Kraš to design for the show.
Ana’s work has an almost magical quality to it, and she has this super feminine yet clean understanding of colour and form. I was so excited when she said she’d design our show set, and she somehow managed to exceed our expectations. The abstract colour landscape draped on the mesh curtains is an illustration of the mountain landscape in her home town of Belgrade.
Which pieces from the collection are you wearing most often this spring?
Right now I am really into the white pinstripe seersucker skirt, which I love pairing with one of our chunky Julliard Mohair knits - perfect for combo for spring.