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Interview: Karl Thoennessen of RGT.A

  • Images by: RGT.A
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Photo Long Yau

Karl Thoennessen, the force behind Rogue Territory, is launching a brand new brand, RGT.A.

Like his first brand, RGT.A will be high on quality and entirely 'Made in LA,' but otherwise is an entirely fresh start. Unlike traditional labels, RGT.A's collections will drop as limited-edition capsules when and where inspiration hits, rather than sticking to a strict season-by-season calendar.

The inaugural collection, sold exclusively at Need Supply Co., will include a reversible camo jacket, five-pocket jeans, classic oxfords, rip-stop trousers, faded sweatshirts, and graphic t-shirts. Each piece is a contemporary twist on a classic garment, all with a purposeful functionality and clean look.

Give us a primer on RGT.A. What’s the elevator pitch?
RGT.A is an apparel brand that blends classic American sportswear, military garment design, streetwear and skateboarding to produce a clean, elevated offering.
Rather than being an extension of Rogue Territory, RGT.A is a fresh direction. Still, we wonder how the original might filter into or inform the new brand.
Since RGT.A is a personal exploration of concepts outside of what we've built with RGT, there won't be a strong association, but inherently the two brands are linked because they both coexist to build a larger picture of what the RGT universe is and can be. The commonality would lie expressly in the focus on producing well crafted, made in LA garments, but styling, fit, reference material, brand voice, and approach to design will be unique to the individual brand.









"I grew up skateboarding—I loved streetwear and graphic tees and I started to explore vintage military, heritage Americana and raw denim. As my tastes evolve, I am really curious to explore what a brand could look like if it plays in all of those spaces at the same time. RGT.A is the union of all of these things."

RGT.A won't stick to a seasonal schedule, but instead will be a series of capsule collections. How often do you envision them dropping every year?
The approach to RGT.A is to make things when we want, and not be limited to the schedule of the traditional fashion industry—to have the freedom and flexibility to let inspiration drive the product and its releases. Sometimes we'll work on an idea or a theme that we believe merits a collection. Other times we may just want to print some tees or make a new jacket. The idea is for the brand to be nimble enough to take an idea or concept and bring it to market in a relatively short amount of time.
How about a rundown of the inaugural collection? What's it all about and how does it relate to the larger story?
This inaugural collection was intended to act as a foundation on which to build future collections. We wanted to set the tone through imagery and styling in order to establish what RGT.A could be to our customers, not what it should be. RGT.A will feature fuller fits, simplified garment construction and bold graphic prints. As the brand progresses, graphic elements and typography will play a larger role in conveying a feeling or concept that we're inspired by.





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