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Print Love: Sixteen Journal

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Sixteen Journal 1, Sixteen Journal 2 by SIXTEEN JOURNAL

Google recently killed its "View Image" button, one of single handiest tools in the creative universe. Alas, image research, mood boarding and making awesome digital mosaics will never be the same again. Though it was ostensibly a move to protect intellectual property (specifically of that bane of photographers everywhere, Getty Images), it feels instead like yet another ominous step toward a walled off internet that has little place for creativity.

Make what you will of that recent development, but lucky for us, we’re still in the midst of a little golden age of print in which bold, creative imagery is as serious a pursuit as it’s ever been. One of our current favorite titles, Sixteen Journal, from creative director Xavier Encinas, is a tabloid-sized visual vacation that is virtually all-image from cover to cover. Each issue of the magazine contains precious few words, aside from a lofty-sounding, evocative editor’s letter printed on a single, diaphanous A4 insert. From the editor’s letter of its current issue:

“More than a printed matter, this volume encapsulates the emotions these artists have experienced creating this work—sometimes through pain.”

Encinas is dead serious about quality photography. Over two issues, he has featured the likes of Chadwick Tyler, Sean+Seng, Misha Taylor, Chad Pitman and several other young artists at the forefront of emotive, evocative image making. Issue one was dedicated to black and white photography, while the second is all highly emotive in velvety color. The upcoming third issue promises something entirely new, yet will remain a sumptuous, indulgent feast for the eyes and something to keep on the shelf for inspiration forever.