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The Room: The Bedroom with Marie du Petit Thouars

  • Words by: Tag Christof
  • Images by: Jay Kim
  • File Under: Life
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Traditional wisdom says the best fragrances are from France. But just like in the world of wine, the finest California fragrances can now slay the French at their own game—with a little Gallic savoir-faire, of course. Maison Louis Marie, the thoroughly L.A. parfumerie, makes several of our favorite fragrances and candles. It is the best of the California best and, not surprisingly, has deep roots in France’s long olfactory tradition.

For this month’s The Room feature, the house’s founder, Marie du Petit Thouars—an Angeleno by way of London, Paris, Florence and New York—invited us into the Silver Lake bedroom she shares with her husband, Matthew. The bright, welcoming room is serene, down to the last detail, with porthole skylights, sleek bedside lamps and one gorgeous piece of Swedish furniture. Double doors just off the bed open onto the couple’s oasis of a backyard, a rarity among the neighborhood’s mostly small, hilly plots. Marie, dressed for the garden in Comme des Garçons, made us coffee in a new Swiss machine we all got pretty excited about. We sat out back and talked Los Angeles, roots, her son László’s upcoming first airplane trip and, of course, her bedroom.

"I grew up in Belgium making candles and experimenting with various scents in my mother’s greenhouse. What started as a hobby became a Maison Louis Marie… "

Du Petit Thouars is such a regal name. Can you give us a very short history of your roots in the world of olfactory and botanics?
It all starts with my great-great-great grandfather Louis Marie who was exiled during the French Revolution. He found himself traveling through the islands of Mauritius and Madagasar where he discovered a vast array of plant species. Later, when he returned home after the revolution, he was admitted to the Academie des Sciences.
Generations later, I grew up in Belgium making candles and experimenting with various scents in my mother’s greenhouse. What started as a hobby became a Maison Louis Marie…
What place does fragrance have in the bedroom? There's so much to think about, from detergents used for washing bedding to essential oil diffusers and room sprays. Do you burn candles in here?
We burn candles everywhere throughout the house and in the bedroom. We don’t really use any strong scented detergents and generally don’t use room sprays or diffusers. I prefer candles and they seem to calm me down and the scent can give character to each room depending on the mood.



What's your before bed routine?
The routine starts with our soon to be two-year-old’s bedtime routine. Once he's in bed I like to wash my face and apply our 360 Skin Revival Serum Oil. My husband and I usually go to bed very quick since we are no such early risers with our son! If we aren’t too tired, we'll usually watch one of the many shows we are into.
T.V. or no T.V.? What's your gadget philosophy for a bedroom space?
No T.V. but laptop and phones are allowed.

I love my table lamps, which were designed by Michael Anastassiades. They're super clean and simple.

I have a vintage Greta Grossman low console piece that I love. I specifically love the shape of the legs and the overall proportions.




My mother used to collect these small handpainted papier-mâché boxes from the ski village we would go to every year. They are fascinating in their small, ornate details and all were one-of-a-kind. They were painted with special brushes that literally had one hair so that the artisan would be able to paint in such a small space. They remind me of so my childhood and my mother.

You came to California via Paris and London. Have you found that there are any major cultural differences between European bedrooms and California bedrooms?
The light seems to be so much better in Los Angeles and generally there is so much more space here and the closets are also much bigger!
Hotel rooms are essentially glorified bedrooms. If you were commissioned to redesign the rooms for a new hotel, what would you include and what would you keep out.
My one pet peeve is it always takes me a while to figure out the lights in the rooms! It would be cool if you could control the lights via an app. I’d also have them get rid of their magazines and the Bible. It would be cool if hotels had their own libraries with cool contemporary books to read instead.





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