The Trio Knife Set

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Knife set from Material Kitchen. Three layered Japanese Steel. Stain-resistant composite handle with matte finish. Engraved logo at base. Set includes the following items: 

The 8" Knife: Full-tang design for even weight distribution. Razor-sharp 26 degree edge.

The Serrated 6" Knife: Wavy-toothed design. Pointed, Santoku-inspired tip. 

The Almost 4" Knife: Cryogenically tempered, razor-sharp 26 degree edge. Pointed tip.

• Metal / Synthetic
• Dishwasher safe
• Imported

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Product Id: DS600239
The 8" Knife: 13.5" length
The Serrated 6" Knife: 10.75" length
The Almost 4" Knife: 7.75" length